9 Podcasts To Make Your Commute More Tolerable

Let’s be honest, your commute to and from work is unlikely to evoke much excitement. You’re just getting from point A—B and trying to avoid that guy with the serious coffee breath as you do it. Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect way to pass the time, no matter the length of your commute. Podcasts. We know getting started and finding the right show for your commute can be a bit of a lucky dip, so we’ve taken the struggle out of it for you.

Here’s the commuters’ guide to podcasting, tailored right down to the length of your trip. From 15 minutes to 45, we’ve got you covered. Happy listening.

Written for the Urban List Melbourne, published 8 May, 2018. Also published on the Perth site. Read it here.


Image credit: Alice Moore


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